• Silicon Power SODIMM 16GB DDR5 4800 MHz

Silicon Power SODIMM 16GB DDR5 4800 MHz

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Harness The Power Of DDR5
- Taking speed, capacity, and reliability even further, the cutting-edge technology of this DDR5 SODIMM module gives that next-level edge for your laptops performance. With an aggressive 5600MT/s frequency, its 75% higher than a standard 3200MT/s DDR4 to provide multi-core CPUs with extreme responsiveness and the power to multi-task seamlessly.

Greater Power Efficiency
- Even with all of its extra power, this DDR5 SODIMM module improves upon its predecessor with on-module voltage regulation. A power management integrated circuit (PMIC) reduces the burden on the motherboard control and results in a lower voltage of 1.1V versus 1.2V for DDR4 for even less power consumption.

No Need To Keep Tabs On Your Tabs
- Compared to DDR4s 16GB chip unit capacity, this DDR5 SODIMM module doubles that number to 32GB by packing in more banks and bank groups. This allows for more pages to be open at a time so you can increase your productivity without worrying about your system slowing down from having too many tabs open at once.

Higher Computing Performance
- Thats not all thats doubled – the minimum burst length on this DDR5 SODIMM module is up to 16, up from 8 for DDR4. This improves data bus efficiency, providing twice the data on the bus, and consequently reduces the number of reads/writes to access the same cache data line.

Less Room For Error
- This DDR5 SODIMM module introduces On-Die ECC (Error Correction Code), a new feature that was designed to correct bit errors in real-time within the DRAM chip. By doing so, this advanced technology keeps your system reliably stable while automatically correcting data errors.

2 Channels Are Better Than 1
- For even greater performance, this DDR5 SODIMM module features two independent 32-bit channels per module. Compared to DDR4s single channel, splitting it into two increases efficiency and lowers the latencies of data accesses for the memory controller to promote optimized efficiency.

- 4800MT/s grants faster transmission speeds and higher bandwidth than DDR4
- 1.5x faster than standard 3200MT/s DDR4 to provide multi-core CPUs with extreme responsiveness
- Available in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB module densities
- Doubled chip unit capacity compared to DDR4 (from 16GB to 32GB) for seamless multi-tasking
- Low voltage of 1.1V for less power consumption
- Improved reliability versus DDR4 with On-Die Error Correction Code (ECC)
- Optimized efficiency with two independent 32-bit channels per module
- High computing performance with double the banks and double the burst length compared to DDR4
- Compatible with 13th Gen Intel Core processors that support DDR5 and DDR5 compatible motherboards

- CapacitySingle Pack: 16GB
- Dimensions: 69.6mm x 30.0mm
- Voltage: 1.1V
- Form Factor: SODIMM
- Tested Speed: 4800MT/s
- CAS Latency: CL40
- Certification: CE, UKCA, Green dot (Germany & Spain Only), WEEE, Triman, RoHS
- Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

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