• Sharkoon TG6 RGB Midi Tower ATX kućište, bez napajanja, prozirna prednja/bočna stranica, crno

Sharkoon TG6 RGB Midi Tower ATX kućište, bez napajanja, prozirna prednja/bočna stranica, crno

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- For hardware thats not meant to be hidden, weve designed and developed the TG6 RGB
- This midi ATX case provides hardware with ample space and an exceptional platform for showcasing
- The tempered glass front and side panels offer an almost completely unobstructed view of the inside workings of the case, while only the power supply, HDDs and cabling are kept out of sight
- Each of the four pre-installed 120 mm addressable RGB fans are equipped with three rows of encircling LEDs
- These provide stepless lighting effects within the entire RGB spectrum and optimally illuminate the installed hardware
- Those who prefer water cooling will find ideal room for this and also a practical fan tray behind the front panel

- The TG6 RGB has three pre-installed 120 mm addressable RGB fans behind the front panel and another on the rear panel
- What sets them apart is their new modular frame design which has no visible screws
- The rubberized contact points and aerodynamic fan blades sustain both a strong and a quiet airflow
- If more airflow is needed, an additional three 120 mm fans or two 140 mm fans can be installed to the top of the case
- All the air-intake areas are protected with removable dust filters to ensure that the case will always perform at its best

- For multilayered lighting within the entire RGB spectrum, each pre-installed fan is surrounded by three layers of addressable RGB LEDs
- Using the built-in 8-port RGB controller, the fan lighting can be customized together with up to four additional LED components
- This can be done through the software of a compatible mainboard which has a header with the pinout 5V-D-coded-G or 5V-D-G
- Alternatively, for mainboards without a connection for addressable LEDs, there are 20 preset illumination modes available, which can be simply selected using the dedicated button located on top of the case

- If water cooling is the preferred method for heat removal, then the TG6 RGB is just the case you need
- For just a radiator, without fans, the front of the case offers considerable room - with an installation height up to 5.2 cm
- This is due, for the first time, to the three pre-installed front fans being secured to the front of the chassis and operating directly between the front panel and fan tray
- The fan tray can be removed together with the fans, facilitating the installation of a radiator up to 360 mm in length

- The hardware is viewable through the tempered glass front and side panels, with the power supply, HDDs and cabling disappearing within the power supply tunnel or behind the mainboard tray
- For a more elegant appearance and enhanced protection of the glass, the side panel has been designed without any visible screws or bolts. Instead, it is attached via thumbscrews on the rear panel of the case

- Since demanding hardware requires room, the TG6 RGB is spaciously designed
- It supports graphics cards up to 40 cm in length, CPU coolers with a height of up to 16.7 cm and power supplies with a maximum length of 20.5 cm
- In addition, up to three 3.5” HDDs and up to four 2.5” SSDs can be installed inside the case

- Form Factor: ATX
- Expansion Slots: 7
- Interior Painting: Yes
- Tool-free Devices Installation: Yes
- Cable Management System: Yes
- Side Panel: Tempered Glass

- Weight: 8.1 kg
- Dimensions (L×W×H): 45.2×21.5×46.5 cm

- Type: Addressable
- Ports: 8-Port
- Manual Control: 20 Modes
- Mainboard Compatibility: MSI Mystic Light Sync, ASUS Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion Ready, ASRock Polychrome Sync
- RGB pinout: 5V-D-G & 5V-D-coded-G

- 3.5": 3
- 2.5": 4

- USB 3.0 (Top): 2
- USB 2.0 (Top): 2
- Audio (Top): Yes

- Front Panel: 3× 120 mm Addressable RGB Fans (Pre-Installed) or Radiator (Optional)
- Rear Panel: 1× 120 mm Addressable RGB Fan (Pre-Installed)
- Top Panel: 3× 120 mm or 2× 140 mm Fans (Optional)

- Mainboard: Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX
- Max. Length Graphics Cards: 40.0 cm
- Max. Height CPU Cooler: 16.5 cm
- Max. Length Power Supply: 21.5 cm
- Max. Height Radiator incl. Fan (Front): 5.5 cm

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