• RPM Power Metal Gripper - 100 Lbs(45Kg) Purple
  • RPM Power Metal Gripper - 100 Lbs(45Kg) Purple

RPM Power Metal Gripper - 100 Lbs(45Kg) Purple

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Peak Performance with Style – The PowerGripper Metal Hand Gripper Strengtheners have reinforced stainless steel springs with a matt black anodization finish. Each weight resistance is distinguished by its own beautifully coloured handle with a diamond etched matrix pattern for extra grip.

Beginner Levels Purple – X-Light Light (Purple 100lbs) resistance that are suitable for warm-up of the wrist prior to stepping up to the heavier models in the set or simply for use for progressive rehabilitation following an arm or wrist injury.

Training Guide – Each Hand Gripper comes with its own training guide to help maximise your strengthening and rehabilitation results. Choose from a variety of holding positions in the hand, using some or all fingers. Decide to close and hold for 15-30 seconds or simply to pulse from opened to closed over the course of a 1-2 minute session. There are an endless variety of exercises which you can perform with this simple but highly effective upper limb strengthening instrument that will produce big results in forearm and grip power in a very short time.

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