• Padobran (KIT) za DJI Matrice M200 M210 - S3

Padobran (KIT) za DJI Matrice M200 M210 - S3

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Opale Kit Parachute - DJI Matrice M200 M210 - S3
Guarantee an impact energy less than 69J

Opale Kit Parachute - DJI Matrice M200 M210 - S3

•Super fast deployment: 0.3 to 0.8s
•Low sink-rate : 3 to 4m.s
•Only 650 gr full kit
•Easy to install
•Controlled with a simple PWM signal
•Parachute ready to reuse in less than 60s after deployment
•Tube made of carbon
•Fixation lines made of Kevlar
•Universal mounting
•Locked for the transport

A new parachute geometry was especially developed in order to offer the lightest rescue system, very compact, a flight steadiness and an opening efficiency. You will benefit of a low sink-rate with a maximal impact energy of 55.2J for a 7kg (15.4lb) drone weight, with a rescue parachute kit only wheighing 650gr.

•Tube dimensions: 120x80mm / 4.7x3.1in
•Material: Carbon
•Total weight: 650 gr
•Servomotor connector: UNI
•Signal: PWM compatible with a transmitter or a stand-alone module
•Tension : 4.8 to 7.2v
•Flat area: 2*3m2 / 32.29ft2
•Lines : Dynema / Spliced Aramid Kevlar (no knot)
•Fabrics: 32gr/m2 with silicon coating
•Fixation strap Aramid 300daN (300kg / 661.4lb)

Included in KIT
•2 x Safetech ST80 ejection tubes
•2 x 3m2 parachutes
•2 x servomotors
•2 x mounting adapters
•1 x hardware and accessories kit

Required and not included:
•Transmitter or stand-alone module
•4.8 to 7.2V battery

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