• Mikrotik Chateau LTE6 ax, 4-core CPU, 1GB RAM, 1×2.5 G-LAN, 4× 10/100/1000 Ethernet port, Wi-Fi 6, 2.4Ghz/5Ghz, 802.11ax, USB, MicroSIM, PSU, tower kućište, RouterOS v7

Mikrotik Chateau LTE6 ax, 4-core CPU, 1GB RAM, 1×2.5 G-LAN, 4× 10/100/1000 Ethernet port, Wi-Fi 6, 2.4Ghz/5Ghz, 802.11ax, USB, MicroSIM, PSU, tower kućište, RouterOS v7

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Chateau LTE6 ax
- A supercharged Chateau LTE6 access point with even faster wireless and an improved CPU. For mobile network users who need that extra speed and responsiveness of Gen6 ax wireless. Perfect for large, busy households or medium-sized offices.

- Are you tired of those suspicious, low-quality default routers from your service providers? So many households are switching to mobile internet, but those default routers can really ruin the experience. Not only do they lack features, speed, and power, the designs can get weird with all the black boxes and spiky antennas. That’s why we decided to take everything we’ve learned over the last 20 years of networking excellence and create a single device that will make most households happy: the MikroTik Chateau. It features a purposeful balance of extensive features, accessible pricing, and classy design that will fit right in

- Chateau is a high-speed, dual-band home access point that adapts to your needs. It features a powerful quad- core ARM CPU, a fast, reliable, and responsive CAT6 LTE modem for excellent mobile connectivity, and the most advanced networking software on the market – RouterOS. But don’t worry – it can be as simple or as complex as you want. Chateau is designed to serve the most diverse user groups: IT professionals can push it to its limits, regular households can plug it in and forget it exists. With Chateau, you will always have options.

- Compared to the regular Chateau LTE6, this version features a supercharged quad-core ARM CPU running at 1.8 GHz. It can handle even the most complex tasks without breaking a sweat. You can run complex firewall rules, provide encrypted VPN tunnels for an entire office, run the most demanding container apps right on your router, and more! The addition of 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet gives you even more options. You can use the ultra- fast port to connect extra devices – like a home media server – or use it as your primary ISP connection while keeping the LTE modem for backup.

Remove the bottleneck in your mobile setup
- Do you dream of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and moving to the countryside? Perhaps you’ve already made the move but are frustrated by the slow internet speeds. Fear not, because Chateau is here to solve all your connectivity problems.

- Many rural households are limited by cheap, featureless LTE routers that simply can’t handle the demands of modern internet usage. That’s where Chateau comes in. When the leading mobile operator in Latvia – LMT – replaced their previous client routers with Chateau devices, customer satisfaction went through the roof! Same LTE towers, same data plans, and a brand new Chateau – just like that! What is the point of having brand new phones, excellent LTE coverage, high-end laptops, and so on... if your old router is the bottleneck?

- Thats right - wireless signal is now stronger than ever. Due to the Gen 6 802.11ax standard, we’ve seen up to 40% higher speed in the 5 GHz spectrum and up to 90% higher speed in the 2.4 GHz spectrum.

The freedom of LTE
- Reach consistent speeds of up to 300 Mbps with carrier aggregation, as CAT6 allows devices to use multiple bands simultaneously. That is a huge advantage in areas with many LTE users. Chateau LTE6 provides better responsiveness in a crowded environment and higher efficiency for weaker signal situations in the countryside. Depending on the service provider, we have seen Internet speed doubling in rural areas after switching to carrier aggregation, so there is no need to wait for cable network expansions.

Perfect for all walks of life
- Chateau comes with all the advanced RouterOS features, so you’re getting enterprise-level solutions with consumer-grade pricing. Run a secure VPN from the office directly to your home, enable all kinds of parental control, dive deep into specific firewall rules and IPsec hardware acceleration, configure VLANs, set up e-mail or SMS notifications... You can even automate complex trigger notifications. For example: “WARNING, WARNING! Your bandwidth has reached X amount for Y duration!” If you can imagine it – RouterOS can achieve it. However, if you don’t need all the complex stuff – Chateau can still be your best friend. In fact, this is the best choice for mobile operators that don’t want their clients to do any configuration. Chateau supports the TR-069 technology that allows creating custom remote client management options. You can have the most straightforward and basic router settings on the same web-page that you are using to pay the mobile bill. And we offer different label or printed branding options on volume orders. Furthermore, we can offer special project pricing and additional discounts for mobile operators to bring the costs down even more!

- You don’t have to wait for cable network expansion to have fast and steady Internet at home. Mobile networks are great. If you’re using a Chateau.

- Product code: S53UG+5HaxD2HaxD-TC&FG621-EA
- Architecture: ARM 64bit
- CPU: IPQ-6010
- CPU core count: 4
- CPU nominal frequency: auto MHz
- Switch chip model: IPQ-6010
- RouterOS license: 4
- Operating System: RouterOS v7
- Size of RAM: 1 GB
- Storage size: 128 MB
- Storage type: NAND
- MTBF: Approximately 200000 hours at 25C
- Tested ambient temperature: -40°C to 70°C
- IPsec hardware acceleration: Yes

Wireless capabilities
- Wireless 2.4 GHz Max data rate: 574 Mbit/s
- Wireless 2.4 GHz number of chains: 2
- Wireless 2.4 GHz standards: 802.11b/g/n/ax
- Antenna gain dBi for 2.4 GHz: 2
- Wireless 2.4 GHz chip model: QCN-5022
- Wireless 2.4 GHz generation: Wi-Fi 6
- Wireless 5 GHz Max data rate: 1200 Mbit/s
- Wireless 5 GHz number of chains: 2
- Wireless 5 GHz standards: 802.11a/n/ac/ax
- Antenna gain dBi for 5 GHz: 4
- Wireless 5 GHz chip model: QCN-5052
- Wireless 5 GHz generation: Wi-Fi 6
- WiFi speed: AX1800

- 3G Category: R8 (42.2Mbps Downlink, 11.2Mbps Uplink)
- 3G bands: 1 (2100MHz) / 3 (1800MHz) / 5 (850MHz) / 8 (900MHz)
- LTE Category: 6 (300Mbit/s Downlink, 50Mbit/s Uplink)
- MIMO DL: 2x2
- MIMO UL: 1x1
- LTE FDD bands: 1 (2100MHz) / 3 (1800MHz) / 5 (850MHz) / 7 (2600MHz) / 8 (900 MHz) / 20 (800MHz) / 28 (700MHz)
- LTE TDD bands: 38 (2600MHz) / 40 (2300MHz) / 41 (2500MHz)
- TAC: 86335904

- 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports: 4
- Number of 2.5G Ethernet ports: 1

- Number of SIM slots: 1 Modem (Micro SIM)
- Number of USB ports: 1
- USB Power Reset: Yes
- USB slot type: USB type A
- Max USB current (A): 1

- Number of DC inputs: 1 (DC jack)
- DC jack input Voltage: 12-28 V
- Max power consumption: 17 W
- Max power consumption without attachments: 13 W
- Cooling type: Passive

Certification & Approvals
- Certification: CE, EAC, ROHS
- IP: 20

- PCB temperature monitor: Yes
- Voltage Monitor: Yes
- Mode button: Yes

- Wireless specifications
2.4 GHz Transmit (dBm) Receive Sensitivity
1MBit/s -100
11MBit/s -94
6MBit/s 24 -96
54MBit/s 21 -80
MCS0 24 -96
MCS7 20 -75
MCS9 19 -70
MCS11 17 -67

5 GHz Transmit (dBm) Receive Sensitivity
6MBit/s 24 -96
54MBit/s 21 -80
MCS0 24 -96
MCS7 20 -75
MCS9 19 -70
MCS11 17 -67

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