• AEG UPS Protect D Rack 1000VA/900W, VFI On-line double conversion, Hot-swappable batteries, RS232/USB interface

AEG UPS Protect D Rack 1000VA/900W, VFI On-line double conversion, Hot-swappable batteries, RS232/USB interface

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- VFI topology (online double-conversion): protects against all mains power disturbances
- approx. 30% higher available power by 0.9 lagging power factor
- Increase of efficiency through ECO and ECO+ mode
- Improved battery charging technology for optimal battery lifetime
- Hot-swappable batteries, easy exchange via flip-over cover
- Additional BatteryPacks for individual scaling of autonomy times
- Expansion slot for communication cards, parallel operation via RS232/USB and SNMP
- Maximized rack space as the UPS is only 2U including integrated batteries
- Controllable UPS outlets with innovative lock mechanism, prevents accidental disconnection of connected cables
- Graphical display shows UPS parameters, easy configuration of settings via control panel
- Data logger synchronized to real time clock
- Programmable potential-free contact & EPO switch
- Frequency converter mode

Technical Specifications
- Type rating: 1000VA/900W
- Nominal input voltage: 220Vac/230Vac/240Vac
- Voltage range w/o battery operation (load-dependent): 160-276 Vac
- Frequency (automatic detection): 50/60 Hz +/- 10%
- Current consumption at full load (max.): 5A
- Rated output voltage (adjustable): 208Vac/220Vac/230 Vac (default)/240 Vac +/- 2 %
- Frequency in battery / converter mode: 50/60 Hz +/- 0.25 Hz
- Nominal output current (at 230 Vac): 4.3A
- Changeover time at mains failure: 0 ms (without interruption)
- Voltage curve shape: Sinusoidal, distortion THD < 3 %
- Overload ability (double-conversion mode): < 130% for 5 min. / 130% - 150% for 15s
- Overload ability (battery mode): < 130% for 12s / 130% - 150% for 2s
- Crest factor: 3:1
- Short circuit ability: short-circuit-proof ( 4 x In for 100ms)
- Type: sealed, maintenance-free, lead acid, integrated, hot-swappable
- Nominal DC voltage (intermediate circuit): 36 Vdc
- Battery management: temperature compensated with deep discharge protection, autom. battery test & battery pack detection
- Charging time (to 90 % of rated capacity): 3h
- Interfaces: RS232, USB, communication slot (can be used parallel to RS232/USB), terminals for EPO N.C. (default) or N.O. and a programmable potential-free contact
- Shutdown software (on CD): five network licences included (Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix, Sun etc.)
- Alarms (acoustic/optical): 3 LEDs arranged for quick operational status check, detailled indication via LCD display, (alarms at mains failure, overload, battery discharged, replace battery, fan fault, RTC event logger)
- Efficiency at full load (ECO+ mode): >= 95%
- Efficiency at full load (double-conversion mode): > 89%
- Operating temperature range: -15 to 40C
- Inherent noise (1m distance/full load): < 45dBa
- Humidity: < 95% (without condensation)
- max. site altitude: up to 3000 m at full load
- Load outputs (controllable): 6× IEC320 C13 (2+2)
- Casing Material: Metal case with Aluminium front
- Weight approx.: 16 kg

High efficiency
- The Protect D. achieves more than 30% higher power in comparison to conventional uninterruptible power systems, due to its new power factor rating of 0.9 lagging across its operating range
- Through careful component selection our UPS can provide outstanding performance, superior reliability and longer autonomy times
-The reliable AEG electronics enables universal operation across the whole apparent and effective power range without loss of power, allowing the inverter to handle even very complex loads
- Continuous improvements in the efficiency of our double conversion, ECO and ECO+ modes is really evident when power consumption lowers, lowering the need for cooling and decreases the overall operating expense
Compact Design
- UPS electronics and battery are combined in only 2U of rack space
- With the flip-over front cover it is easy to change the hot-swappable battery or to add external battery packs - Autonomy time can be extended by preconfigured battery packs
- The number of connected battery packs will be detected automatically
- All battery packs are hot-swappable and can be connected without disconnecting the UPS, simply open the cover to swap
Communication options
- Extraordinary communication options are provided by the several interfaces including programmable potential-free contacts, emergency power off switch, RS232, USB and an extension slot that can be used in parallel mode with RS232/USB
- The extension slot is compatible with optional accessories such as relay cards or SNMP adapter
Battery management
- The improved battery charging technology provides quicker charging time with a gentle charging characteristic
- The battery management system is able to differentiate between initialization during setup, the battery charging phase (temperature compensated) and the standby phase
- This enables the system to extend battery lifetime as there is a decrease of pole corrosion
- An uncoupled battery charger avoids battery heating and inverter reflection effects
Innovative output control
- All UPS outlets are equipped with an innovative lock mechanism that prevents the connected cables from accidental disconnection
- The UPS outlets can be managed by the user, allowing applications to be prioritized in the event of a power failure
- These programmable outlets allow for easy load management or load shedding, enabling the user full flexibility in power distribution and energy management
Graphical display
- The multi-language graphical display supports better read-ability
- It displays several parameters of the input, UPS mode and the output
- Three LEDs at the top of the display indicate the current operating mode
- From the control panel the user is able to configure the UPS setting and activate an audible alarm
- All events are logged by an internal logger to allow events analysis
- From the settings menu the user can control the UPS outputs according to the battery capacity and the delay after a power failure for the UPS to initialize a shut down
- It is also possible to schedule for a battery test either daily, weekly or monthly
Additional features
- With the converter mode the UPS can be used as frequency converter or works as a line conditioner with an effective output voltage of 200V or 208V

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