• AEG UPS Protect C 6000VA/6000W, VFI, On-line double conversion, floor standing, automatic bypass, RS232 interface

AEG UPS Protect C 6000VA/6000W, VFI, On-line double conversion, floor standing, automatic bypass, RS232 interface

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- Thanks to genuine VFI technology (online / double conversion), Protect C is suitable for all critical business applications
- The proven VFI topology of Protect C protects against all network problems
- A sinus-shaped power feed is achieved under all load conditions at the input
- Highly integrated switches and a robust IGBT module reduce the number of electrical connections and components and therefore provide for increased reliability
- A Static Bypass Switch (SBS) ensures additional safety in case of overload

- The bar displays for UPS load and battery capacity, as well as the clear pictogram of the system components provide information on the essential operating conditions
- Data is transmitted through an RS232 interface
- With an optional SNMP (PRO) adapter, remote monitoring via a web browser and multiserver shutdown are possible
- The special AEG PS shutdown software "CompuWatch" is included

- Protect C 6000 and C 10000 offer the possibility of parallel operation
- Both active redundancy and higher availability are achieved with higher power requirements being taken into account

- VFI topology (online / double conversion) protects against all network problems
- Micro processor control/ digital signal processors for maximum availability
- Sinus-shaped power feed (high-frequency pulse width modulation with IGBTs)
- n+x technology for redundancy and performance increase
- Extension slot for SNMP, potential-free contacts, remote panel
- Also available as S-version with higher capacity charging rectifier for longer autonomy times
- Space saving design with integrated battery system
- Integrated fault operation security for manual bypass switch

- Power type rating: 6000VA / 6000W
* Parallel connection

- Input voltage: 208 VAC / 220VAC / 230VAC / 240VAC
- Voltage range: 110 - 275VAC
- Frequency (auto selection): 45-55Hz / 54-66Hz (extendable to 40-70Hz when load < 60%)
- Input power factor/(THDi): >0.98 (< 3 %)
- Current consumption at nominal load (max.): 32 A

- Rated output voltage (adjustable): 208 VAC / 220VAC / 230VAC (default) / 240VAC
- Frequency in battery mode: 50Hz / 60Hz +/-0.1%
- Output current (at 230VAC): 26 A
- Transfer time at mains outage: 0ms (without interruption)
- Voltage waveform: Pure sine wave
- Overload response (online operation): <125% for 10min. / 125% - 150% for 30s / > 150% for 500 ms
* Subsequent, transfer to bypass mode
- Crest factor: 3:1
- Short circuit response: Short circuit proof (3× IN for 200ms)

- Type: Sealed, maintenance free, integrated (proprietary brand)
- Rated voltage (linked): 192VDC
- Overload / deep discharge protection: Yes

- Interfaces: RS232, USB, communications slot for SNMP, potential free relay contact
- Shutdown software: CompuWatch incl. 5 network licenses for all common OS (e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac)
- Failure indicators (acoustic / visual):
* LED display for UPS summary / battery capacity display, status display
* Indicators for mains failure, overload, battery charging, battery replacement, failure

- Efficiency in ECO+ mode: >98%
- Efficiency at nominal load (double conversion mode): >95%
- Audible noise (1m distance): <55 dB(A)
- Operating temperature range: 0°C to 40°C
- Humidity: 0% - 95% (without condensation)
- Operation altitude:
* Up to 1000 m at nominal load
* 1000-3000m the power derating is 1 % every 100 m according to 62040- 3
- EMC conformity: EN 62040-2 Class C3
- Product safety: EN 62040-1
- Mains input: Secured terminal block
- Consumer outputs: Secured terminal block
- Dimensions approx. (W×H×D):
* UPS: 225×589×452 mm
* Battery: 225×589×452 mm
- Weight approx. UPS: 61 kg
- Weight approx. battery: 111 kg
- Conformity: CE

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